Photographing the Fourth Wave

My name is Sophie Elliott, and I’m a 21 year old recent graduate of photography. I make zines and feminist photography, but my main ambition is to be a photojournalist, and I’ve started this blog as a way to publish articles, photography updates, and future plans. Since graduating university I’ve made 3 zines: Femme Sole, a compilation zine featuring a photographic collaboration between myself and online crafter/feminist Modern Girl Blitz, as well as work by various feminist artists and writers; Boundaries, a zine that explores society’s limitations on femininity and sexuality through images and motifs that are frequently seen in advertising being subverted into raw and honest photographs of the female body; and, most recently, Ugly Girls zine, which was the product of a Kickstarter campaign and featured local female models subverting society’s expectations and stereotypes regarding beauty, fashion, and food, through photographs that disproved the myth “pretty girls don’t eat” in the messiest way possible. I hope to create much more art and photography that focuses on feminist issues, and also plan on interviewing and photographing significant feminist figures, as well as writing articles and pieces that discuss modern feminist news and developments.





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