An Update

A lot has happened since the last time I did an “update” post. I’ve covered quite a lot of it in the previous blog posts, such as the talks I’ve done and events I’ve been to, but for some reason I never really seem to talk about Parallel too much on this blog. So, here’s a Parallel update!

Since my last blog post, we’ve released 2 more issues. Issue 3 came out in Autumn, whilst issue 4 came out just 2 weeks ago (and has already sold out!). I’m incredibly proud of issue 4, and honestly think it is the best one we’ve put together so far. The team worked incredibly hard on it, and we collaborated with some amazing people.

Before that came out, though, we held a fundraiser for the magazine. Below is a video I made from the night, and then underneath that are some awesome photos taken by my partner, Luke Cass. We had 4 bands playing – Phoebe Robinson, Crack Foxes, Mammoth Penguins, and Parallel fave The Tuts!

We also held a launch party for issue 4 a few weeks ago, at The Birdcage in Norwich. It was a really awesome night, with two speakers – Marcia X and Tutku Barbaros – and again we had Crack Foxes playing. I do have video footage of that but I’ve not yet compiled it all together, but here are some photos from that night taken by me.


Parallel #4 came out a few weeks ago and I’m so happy with it. We have progressed so far in just one year, and this issue not only looks amazing but also features some brilliant collaborations and content.

Featuring articles on: women with tattoos, zine culture, food, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, rape culture, cosplay culture, fetish culture, austerity and women, feminist subcultures, women in punk, female grime artists, a guide to New Zealand musicians, music VS feminism, orgasms in film, and female film directors.

We interviewed: Harriet Heath, Niamh Marron, Claire Ford, Rachael Ofori, the Tight Theatre group, Jodie Matthews, Marcia X, Charlotte Lipscombe and Amy Parish, Siana Bangura, Charlie Edge, and Shagufta Iqbal.

And we have submissions and work by: Helena Goni, Ruwani Hewage, Liam Gavyn Salt, Vicktoria, Alesia Fisher, Jahni Threatt, Fadekemi Tejuoso, Shauni Adekoya, Megan Stephenson, Tara Gulwell, Rabina Khan, and Anna Sanderson.

The cover was shot by my partner, Luke Cass:


And features the stunning Antonia Toni-Fadipe.

I personally worked really hard on this issue, and a lot of the photos, layouts, and content was/were done by me. But I have to say that I am particularly proud of this photograph of artist Marcia X:


As always, you can find Parallel on our webstore here by clicking here. This issue is currently sold out, but we will be restocking soon and you can also find us at The Book Hive in Norwich as of next week. We’re also going to be selling copies at Milk and Honey Magazine’s first birthday party in London on the 16th of December. Here’s the flyer for the event if anyone is interested in attending:


That’s probably about it for now, but I’ll be updating again soon. Thanks for reading!



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