Valentino’s African Summer

Parallel Magazine

On October the 6th, Valentino presented its spring/summer 2016 collection at Paris Fashion Week. Allegedly “inspired by Africa”, the show featured fringed dresses, “tribal” designs, and – yep, you guessed it – white women with cornrows in their hair walking down the runway. In a series of Instagrams from the fashion house following the show, they used words such as “primitive” to describe the garments, causing Twitter to explode. “Valentino’s ‘wild Africa’ show aka cultural appropriation central” tweeted user @jenndtonic. “Oh, Valentino, what are you doing with the West African masks on your purse and everybody in cane rows?” agreed @akilamantado.


To compliment this, their latest photographic campaign is set in the Amboseli National park in Kenya. Photographed by Stephen McCurry, a professional best known for his travel photography (you might know him for his “Afghan Girl” portrait), it features models Alice Metza, Cameron Traiber, Greta…

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